New Brand: QoreID Footwear

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Blog
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Recently I was fortunate enough to receive an early pair of a new footwear brand hitting shelves all over the country. The brand is QoreID and plays off of the lights in shoes idea that has been seen long ago but also more recently on the Nike Air Mags and Reebok x Solebox Omni Zone Pump. The shoes feature a primarily black upper in mesh and nubuck with a white midsole and the afore-mentioned light areas. Some of the design elements of the shoe are a nod to several famous silhouettes of past brands/models. The mid part of the side panel definitely reminds me of a Jordan 13 in some ways but with a style to its own with the circle patters. The toe box mesh is fairly standard in a dunkish type shape and gives a clean finish. The upper cuff and tongue definitely have that pump feel as the on/off switch for the lights is located inside. They are also higher to the front side which makes for a great fit with some denim or pants for those who like the tongue to pop. The light portion of the shoes is barely noticeable when not activated which I for one feel is a great touch. It makes the shoes fashionable even for those who aren’t looking to be too flashy. Once turned on the lights are flashy for sure. My pair has blue tinted lighting but other colors such as red and green are also available. One of the greatest parts about QoreID is they are coming in at a price point affordable to many. I believe they will be $75 but check with their website for further details.

I chose to do my wear test on the shoes to a local DJ event that had a theme of glow in the dark. Needless to say there were a huge hit. All sorts of people were coming up to me and asking what they were and where they could get a pair. I also received comment about them outside the show while the lights were turned off and people just recognized them as a stylish pair of footwear. The actual surprising part of the shoes for me was the ridiculous level of comfort. I found them to be very well fitting and had great cushioning under foot. Often times a new brand focuses too much on style and not enough on comfort, that is definitely not the case here.
Take a look at the photos of the shoes below and comment what you think! You can keep up with the brand at the following links:


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