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Pretty cool history of SNS x New Balance


Originating in Stockholm, Swedish duo Peter and Erik have been in the business for well over ten years now, and are widely regarded as two of the best in this industry. Due to their popularity and successfulness in Stockholm, in 2005 they opened a second store in Malmo, and subsequently took their business overseas and have recently settled in London.

With their success came many opportunities, and Sneakersnstuff have collaborated with many brands over the years, having been named as the ‘King of collabs’ numerous times. For many years now, New Balance have been collaborating with stores across the globe, but very few have as strong a relationship with New Balance like Swedish heavyweights Sneakersnstuff do. In fact, New Balance were one of the first brands to give Sneakersnstuff the opportunity to do a collaboration.


New Balance x Sneakersnstuff “Round 1”

As the title of the collaboration suggests, the first collaboration…

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Good stuff

My Favorite Protein Supplement!

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Lack of Posts

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Hey everyone,

Just a quick update to my lack of posts lately. Its the busy season in real estate (my real job) so I just don’t have a ton of spare time to blog about my passions as I have to pay for those passions! Expect more good things to come!


Thanks for reading!

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Picked these up for $35 at my outlet yesterday & couldn’t be happier. As you can see the color really pops! The lunarlon sole is like walking on a pillow too. Def suggest picking up a pair from your local sb retailer.

Won the Strictly Fitteds contest and made this to match my Ronnie Fieg Leatherbacks


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Joseph Dawson Photos The Chimp Store “Wet T-Shirt” Lookbook

I’m not mad @ this one

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Wonder if this one’s coming or a past release?

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Ronnie Fieg x Asics GT-II “Rose Gold” releasing Friday March 2nd at KithNyc, KithBk, and starting 11:00am Est. @Kithset (Taken with instagram)