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Collaboration is the name of the game right now in the world of fashion kicks and New Balance is definitely a leader of the pack. The traditionally running brand has gained major fashion appeal with several high profile yet limited collaborations with stores like CNCPTS and Burn Rubber. These preview shots make it look like they have no intentions of slowing down. Crooked Tongues is a London sneaker/streetwear online retailer who offers all the hot brands and free international shipping! Today they DROPPED some previews of their upcoming New Balance 1500 collaboration in its preassembled form. The color palates on these 1500s have definite promise and are sure to create some hype on the blogosphere. The first features a classic orange/black/charcoal colorway that brings to mind the first of the fall holidays. The second features a another fall friendly palate of 2 shades of green and white. Look for these to DROP at Crooked Tongues next month and stay tuned for updates. The black based pair is most definitely on my radar!