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The Nike twitter had been hinting at it all weekend but its finally here. The Nike Roshe Run ID is available on Nike store. You can design the regular version HERE for $110 and the Premium Suede version HERE for $120. I played around with both versions a little bit and really like the options they made available. There are both brighter and toned done colors and you can customize the overlay, toe, lining, swoosh, out sole, tongue/heel loops, and of course the laces. I messed around and made both a Salmon Toe and a Rose Gold inspired version with the Salmon Toe being mesh and the Rose Gold the premium suede. Given that the Roshe has been arguably the most popular singular silhouette for Nike the past year I am sure we will see plenty of examples of these in months to come. Do you plan to make a pair? Let’s hear about your design in the comments below!



In perfect timing for gift giving season the coveted Nike Air Force 1 Low and High have returned to NikeID in limited quantities. Some of the features available for customizing with this DROP are brushed wool outers and chenille swooshes. This shoe is an icon but one that has not fit into my personal style lexicon for years. That definitely didn’t stop me from giving my designing skills a go! Check out the DROP DSM rendition here and let’s see yours!

This weekend brought the release of a classic model to NikeID ( The Nike Air 180 is a retro runner that gets a lot more attention in Europe than the United States. Originally released back in 1991 the 180 Air features 180 degrees of air bag going from the sides of the midsole and under the bottom of the shoe. While I have never owned a pair I have been drooling over the Euro only releases for years. The NikeID released version offers lots of great material options such as suede, perf leather, and ripstop nylon as well as the runner standard mesh. Color options include most of your basic pantones and the ever popular splatter design on the midsole. I love playing around on NikeID and decided to design a Spiderman inspired model.

Think you can do better? Head over to NikeID to design your own today!